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Our team would like to design custom content for you free of charge.

We are currently offering the following things :

  • Custom Glitters with any text and color of your choice
  • Myspace Layouts
  • Friendster Layouts
  • Myspace extended network banners
  • Custom Dividers
  • Custom Myspace Contact Tables

Please note that the requirements for submitting requests have changed slightly. We are still offering to provide freebies at no cost. However, in order to leave a comment, you must be a registered member of our forum. Registering on the forum will also register you on all of our pages to leave comments.

To request something from us – please leave your request in the comment below. Please note that as requests come in, it may take us a little while to get to your request.


  1. Hi,

    I have a question. I need source code for generating flash banner file. Would you please guide me?


    Mansour Mansouri

  2. We’d love to help you. We’re sending you an email today.

  3. Hi–

    I’m just beginning to put together my webpage and came across your site–it’s terrific. My question is–I want to use your animated four-leaf clover, but I don’t understand how to place it on an email I’m sending to my brother. Can you give a very computer illiterate person the steps for doing this?

    Thank you so much.

  4. Do you know Zexion of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts? It’d be nice if you’d make one w/ a little picture of him and a dark purple and black background. Just make sure you make him look calm!!

    Appreciated tenfolds,

  5. I want to win this contest! Can someone help me design my ebay store?

    Thank you,

  6. i was wondering if you would please make me a cod 4 sig my squad name is RsF-HARDSTEEL. something edgy, and tight

  7. can you make a runescape layout thanks

  8. If you want an ebay store layout, you might want to check our – They provide free HTML templates for Ebay Auctions.

  9. could you make layouts for our brand new page If you could that would rock!!!!

  10. hi i would like a to request a layout for my youth group myspace. our website is, there you can look and see what we’re about and all. We would like to make the myspace somewhat match the website. we really like the camo and orange that are one there. i really want something very different than the normal myspace, if you have any questions plz email me, thanks you so much.

  11. Here’s the Zexion image. Let us know if you like it!

  12. RSFHardsteel Graphic

    This is a requested graphic from one of our site users – Jim Sawyer ! This custom gamer tag shows COD4 with a soldier in chemical warfare gear. The sig is themed in shades of brown and orange. This was done for the RsF-Hardsteel squad.

    Copy and paste this code into your page to use this code
    RSFHardsteel Graphic from

    <a href=""><img src="; alt="RSFHardsteel Graphic from"></a>

  13. Hey great sigs!! I need a backround of something like a Twilight Hour. A sort of Orangy Twilight Hour. Thx.

  14. Bella the number one gurl duelist from New Orleans

    Yes i need a happy birthday comment with Kakashi’s pic for my myspace friend who loves Kakashi

  15. I would like to have the netherlands flag with some orange flames around and with the following writing inside “The Orange is Back”. Thank you very much.

  16. A sig gen background with a cottonmouth on it (kind of like the rattlesnake one) would be cherry.

  17. hay i wanna no how to do team logos and sum great sigs have any advice or can u tell sumthing to download or anything.

  18. i want to do sum halo3 logos for my friends team

  19. Hi i was wondering if you had a pokemon sig with the text POKELAD0 on it

    most thanks

  20. hi, i would like a sig with Eugene from gold shot on and my name “Belligerance” in the top left corner. The background can be red.Hope it isnt to much. Thank you.

  21. I meant gold slam for the game, sorry.

  22. ShortBus_Soldier

    Could someone please help me make a cool sig for the Ps3 fourms. My name is ShortBus-Soldier, and I would like a picture of a Short Bus with my name on it, and my clan tag [SBSS]. Thanks so much

  23. Wow cool site here

    I am on a PS3 Clan woth COD4, the name of the clan is GearHeads and clan tag is GRHD. We are just wondering if there is a way you would be able to help us creat a cool eye poping myspace layout. Thank for your time

  24. i would like a ruger 345 myspace layout and contact table if you could pleas

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